Well, hello there!

My name is Agnes and I'm the woman behind the lens here at May & Gray Photography. I am a nature lover & a light chaser as well as a mum to two beautiful children who grow way too fast.


About you

You don’t want the same family photos as everybody else.
You don’t want to look at stiff family formals on your walls every day.
You wish to have images that are personal, unique and reflect who you are as a family.
You want them to be beautiful - just as your family is!

If this sounds like you, then you’re pretty much like me.Have fun, be yourself and let me take care of the rest.

Let's create something beautiful together!



Photography is part of who I am, and it has been for a long time. I whole-heartedly believe photographs belong on our walls, not hard drives.

I’m drawn to moody, film-like images; love colour equally as black and white. I'm as far as one can be from producing 'cookie-cutter' portraits. Shooting in a studio is not my thing, beautiful outdoors steal my heart and soul every time. My aim is to create truly timeless pictures.


I find photography exciting & addictive.

What keeps me happy:

Some random facts about me:

  • I get embarrassingly enthusiastic about the smallest of cool details

  • Anything from turquoise to teal grabs my attention instantly (I’d paint my whole life teal if I could!)

  • My guilty pleasure is visiting thrift stores much too often

  • Oh and I absolutely adore Meryl Streep!