+ Are these “FAQs” really frequently asked?

Yes. At least, that one is.

+ What type of sessions do you provide?

I portrait people of all ages and stages. Babies, children, families, couples, you name it. Open to special requests.

+ Do you have a studio?

The world is my studio! I am a natural light photographer - I shoot on location and at clients' homes.

+ Do you travel?

Yes! I'm available to travel worldwide. Travel expenses are on top of the shoot fee, unless I happen to be in your area at the time.

+ Do you do gift vouchers?

I certainly do! They make fantastic gifts for people. Please do contact me for more details.


+ What happens before my photoshoot?

Before your session we'll either meet face to face or chat via email so that we can figure out what you want. We'll talk about location of your choice, discuss ideas, what you're going to use the photos for, what to wear etc.

+ Where will my session take place?

It’s completely up to you! We can either take photos at your favourite location, such as your local park, out in the countryside, a forest or even your garden. You can also have your photoshoot at your home if you wish so. If you're stuck for inspiration, I know a few stunning places around London that I'd be happy to share with you.

+ What time will my session take place?

Morning or late afternoon light is perfect for portraits and provides best results. Also children are usually on their best behaviour in the morning.

+ What should I bring to the session?

If the session is away from your home, just bring along anything you would for a day out: snacks and drinks, favourite toys and games and lots of wipes!

+ What should I wear to the shoot?

Styling is essential when it comes to producing amazing images. Luckily I'm an expert in styling! If you need advice, inspiration or just to confirm your choices are right do give me a shout, I'll be very happy to help you. Remember: even tiny details matter. A little hint: you can't go wrong with mustard yellow!

+ What if I am or my child is ill?

If you or your child are ill I will happily reschedule, like-wise if I am ill we will reschedule.

+ What happens if it rains or the weather is awful?

If it is pouring down on a location shoot I am happy to reschedule. If you’re not afraid of rain we can make a feature of the rain.



+ When can I expect to see the photos?

It can take up to 4 weeks (usually it's much quicker though) to edit and prepare the images for you. Once they are ready, I will notify you via email and we'll schedule an ordering session. Once your order is ready it will arrive via mail.

+ How many photos will I have to choose from?

At least 20 images will be edited and ready for you to view and choose from.

+ Will you retouch all my photos?

Yes! All the photos you order (either digital files or prints) will be fully edited. I always remove obvious temporary flaws such as blemishes and scratches unless decided otherwise.

+ How long does it take to get my prints?

Product creation times vary, however, print orders will generally be completed within 4 weeks after the product order is submitted.


If you couldn't find answer to your question here, please, use the contact form. I'll be happy to provide you with everything you wish to know.